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meterra otel inalt special si super aliaje
About Us

Meterra SA

Meterra SA is a modern steel factory specialized in the production of special high-alloyed and specialty superalloy steels for the aerospace industry, the defense industry, the power generation industry (nuclear plants, wind generators and parts, other energy sectors), the oil and gas industry , metallurgical industry, heavy industry, machine tools, etc., being the only production capacity of this type in the region.

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What we offer

High alloy steel and super alloys

The company has the capability to produce high-alloy and super-alloy steel for a variety of high-demand industries, including aerospace, defense, power generation (wind, nuclear, oil and gas), tooling and machinery, automotive and metallurgy.

8 Ton Vacuum Melting and Casting Furnace

VIDP 1000

Vacuum Degassing and Casting Furnace (VIDP), manufactured by ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH in Germany. It represents a new generation of ovens. It produces ultra-pure alloys using traditional vacuum melting (VIM) technology. It operates 350 days/year with a solid load of 8000 – 12000 tonnes, resulting in a total annual capacity of 12000 tonnes.

Cuptor de topire și turnare în vid
Ingots and castings that can be produced on the VIDP vacuum processing facility Melting and casting are performed on a vacuum induction furnace with total control of degassing and melt cleanliness and repeatability.
The size and volume of ingots produced can be tailored to suit end-user requirements, depending on the amount of alloy required by the end-user. The diameter of the storage bar produced is entirely dependent on the input from the end user as we have die capacities ranging from 75mm diameter to 150mm diameter.

Ingot dimensions, for direct hot forging:

  • 11x13x55 inch
  • 11x15x60 inch
  • 14x17x65 inch
  • 17x21x60 inch
  • 20x24x65 inch
    Ingot weights: 1000 Kg, 1250 Kg, 1900 Kg, 2700 Kg, 38000 Kg.
    For remelting on the ESR plant:
    Ingot dimensions:
  • Ø 200 – Ø 280 mm (diameter) x 3000 mm (length).
    Electrode weight: 1400 – 1500 Kg.
ALD-ESR cuptor retopire
Electrode refining and remelting unit under slag flow


It operates 350 days/year, with an annual capacity of 1800 – 2700 tons.
The equipment allows the saving of electricity (by the absence of an intermediate phase, since the melting mass is taken directly between the VIDP and the air induction furnace) and the saving of ferroalloy and the important saving of operating costs.

Current ingot sizes: Ø 320 and Ø 350 mm.

Ingots that can be produced on the VIDP+ESR vacuum processing plant:
Ingot dimensions: (Ø250-Ø350) mm x 1800mm.
Maximum weight of the ingot: 1300 Kg.

Ingots developed on the VIDP facility and remelted on the ESR-ALD facility.
Electrically remelted slag ingots are intended for hot forging.
• diameter 250 mm,
• diameter 350 mm/length 1800 mm,
• maximum weight 1300 Kg.



It is equipped with two power-sharing crucibles, each with a capacity of 6.0 tons. Operating 350 days a year, this furnace can produce up to 30,000 tons of steel annually, including the necessary casting equipment. A portion of this production could be provided as liquid starter in the vacuum furnace for a dedicated crucible only.

Cuptor cu inducție a aerului

METERRA equipment is suitable to produce:

  • Steel grades for hot work tools: die casting, forging tools, die forging, hot rolling.
  • High speed steels for machining.
  • Martensitic and austenitic stainless steel grades.
  • Grades of high alloy refractory steel.

For special grades such as: duplex, maraging or super alloys based on Nickel/Cobalt, the highly trained German specialists can offer, on request, technical assistance.

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